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Will MacNeil is an award-winning motion designer and director based in London.

Will's CV echoes the changing world of digital filmmaking over the last 20 years: from the smoke-filled cutting rooms of Soho on films such as Billy Elliot and Gosford Park to the cutting edge of design and animation at The Mill in London, where he now works as a Design Director.

In his day-to-day work, Will leads teams of designers and animators in The Mill's Design Studio on projects for clients such as Huawei, Bentley, Lush, Ford and Vue Cinemas, for all sorts of platforms including TV, online, VR, AR, Mobile and installations. He's currently wrapping his head around interactive, abstract animation which he hopes will one day lead to a project where people with disabilities make digital art.


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Huawei, Bentley, Lush, Ford, Vue Cinemas