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April 6 - 20:30

Open Room

Hungry Castle makes public art for planet earth. Based in Barcelona, founder Dave Glass creates large-scale works inspired by internet pop culture. They sell concepts and cool to corporate sponsors, creative agencies, music festivals and to you.

Cool Shit embodies the philosophy of Hungry Castle’s artistic projects and its also the name of their clothing label. Cool Shit is the coolness in madness, fresh, young and irreverent. With hats and t-shirts featuring Internet icons like Bill Murray, Game of Throne's Hodor, Lionel Richie's head and most recently, the infamous poop emoji, the clothes beg to be Instagrammed, hashtagged and reblogged.

They are known for their cool installations, like a giant blow up head of Lionel Richie, which you can crawl inside of or a 12-foot "Laser Cat" that projects public artwork from its eyes.

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Lionel Richie's head, Laser Cat, Cool Shit, Nicolas Cage in a Cage, Mr Poopie