Adam J. Kurtz

Adam J. Kurtz


April 6 - 12:30

Open Room

Wix.com is an online website building platform, with over 90 million users. The Wix Design Team is one of the largest in-house design studios in Tel Aviv, with over 100 designers working in 6 teams. We take pride in the fact that all aspects of design are executed entirely by us - web design, branding, motion, printed materials, events, animation, and more. The Wix Studio and its designers lead and actively participate in creating and maintaining all Wix products and features. We also love supporting and contributing to the local and international design community.

This year the studio’s talk is hosted by Zachi Masas & Eyal Sebbag - broadcast design team leaders. Their team of 12 are in-charge of the entire process of the design and post production for all Wix’s videos, commercials and motion graphics materials.

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