As every year, we promise our audience to maintain our initiative promise: giving away the official OFFF book with their OFFF ticket as an exchange for the love of celebrating creativity together.

Every year the concept differs, a group of designers and artists get involved to create what we call a masterpiece. This year we asked Outro studio to design the book based on a concept that we wanted to explore: going back to your resources.

That's how the idea of Nostós came by the Outro designers, a concept that tells the origin of Nostalgia, the very initial story followed by categories such as Memories from the belly, Superheroes, Cartoons, Happy Accidents and my Hometown in my work where we invited international artists such as Animade, Build, David Mack, Imaginary Forces, Kyle Cooper, Lance Wyman, Pictoline, Mr Kat and many more to take part.

The book cover is a mirror to represent the idea of "seeing through yourself", there's no cover but the image of the book owner, reflecting him/herself through the book.

For the love of touch and based on the book's concept, the paper by Fedrigoni was chosen carefully to add that extra feeling of Nostalgia and old book's touch. We decided to add a vintage element to introduce the nostalgia of sound: a Flexi vinyl disc with the contributions by White Noise Lab and Humo Culebra. You can listen to the songs here or enjoy listening to them on a record player.

Prologue by Burton Rast (IDEO)

Design by Outro studio

Editorial by Outro studio and Nathalie Koutia

Production consultant by I am Nuria

Printed by impressus

Paper by Fedrigoni