OFFF RESTAURANT: A Savoury Experience

Introducing OFFF RESTAURANT, an exceptional lunch experience by El Ginjoler happening every day during the OFFF journey with world-renowned chefs Xavier Gubau and Carme Picas!

Fancy reserving a table during break time? Want to enjoy a delicious low-cost meal by world's best chefs in Barcelona? This is your place! A special menu every day for everyone, enjoy the calm atmosphere with friends and co-workers at #OFFF17 this April and experience an exceptional lunch.

Check out the menus below and reserve your seat/table before the event on the BUY TICKET button

April 6th: Limitless Tasting Lunch 1st turn: 1:00 / 2nd turn: 2:30

Starters (to choose one) Seasonal salad: greens, asparagus and anchovies vinaigrette Roasted spring vegetables with quince “allioli” Lasagna bolognese

Main course (to choose one) Integral rice from Pals with sardines and lemon Stuffed loin with plums and apple jam Poached and gratin eggs whit spinach sauce

Desserts (to choose one) Chocolate cake Yogurt with fruits Shepherd’s cheese with different jams Strawberries with orange juice

April 7th: Infinite Flavours Lunch 1st turn: 1:00 / 2nd turn: 2:30

Starters ( to choose one) Dried beans, cod fish and green salad Roasted tomatoes with goat’s cheese Vegetables and mushrooms wok with squids and soy

Main course (to choose one) Hake with potatoes, onions and “romesco” sauce Roasted pork ribs with fruits Roast beef from Girona

Desserts (to choose one) Cheese cake Yogurt with fruits Strawberries and cream

April 8th: Aromatic Apetite Lunch 1st turn: 1:00 / 2nd turn: 2:30

Starters ( to choose one) Potatoes and onions salad with tuna fish and tomatoes vinaigrette Salmon and avocado tartare Flamed potato, smoked sardine and quince “allioli”

Main course (to choose one) Meat cannelloni Cod fish with roasted vegetables Fine herbs omelette with cheese, roasted pepper and chips

Desserts (to choose one) Carrot cake Yogurt with fruits Strawberries with mint

Bread, mineral water and coffee or tea

Price: 33 €/per person

Whether you're one person or a group, y'all are welcome to join and mingle! Please reserve your table/seat at

ABOUT El Ginjoler

El Ginjoler WE ARE CATERING was founded in 2000 by Xavier Gubau and Carme Picas, two passionate chefs for wine and cooking. They also manage a restaurant inside the Benedictine Monastery from Sant Feliu de Guíxols where you can taste a fresh menu with products from both the sea and the mountain.

At OFFF this April, they represent the WE ARE POP-UP RESTAURANT concept, a moving restaurant staged in a unique space inside the Museu del Disseny.

Their philosophy in all three positions is based on the seasonal products, on the producers who provide them, on the cooking sensibility and on the excitement that makes up the final result of all this effort when they serve the food.