Just Say Yes Movie

For the past seven months, we have been proudly working together with a fantastic talented team on the upcoming movie Just Say Yes, a film directed by César Pesquera, produced by Story:

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The film explores the idea of fear being represented as a positive generator, showcased through Héctor Ayuso’s figure (OFFF Festival founder and triathlon athlete) and on how he confronts his own fears by running towards them, through sports triathlons, by simply saying YES.

Based on Héctor’s life motto “just say yes”, the film narrates the story on overcoming risks and turning them into goals. From personal stories to documented sports events, the project includes various collaborations with artists, friends and previous OFFF artists to reflect both creativity and sports lifestyles as we will witness the last biggest fear which Héctor will conquer: Ultraman Florida, an extreme Individual Ultra-Endurance Event.

The film will be premiered at OFFF Barcelona 2018, for more news and upcoming updates, please visit Just Say Yes official website and follow the project on all social media platforms! This is going to be mind-blowingly inspiring for all types of audience!

Directed by: César Pesquera

Produced by: Story:

Screenplay by: César Pesquera and Marc Sanchez

Original Score: White Noise Lab

Image Campaign/Poster by MUCHO

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