GAS at OFFF 2017

FOLCH, Barcelona based studio, joined OFFF Barcelona in April 2017 for a brand new talk. The talk was rather a one of a kind performance by Eugenia Lapteva circulating around the concept GAS: the liquid model of society from the contemporary approach to communication to the increasingly interdependence of geographical realities.

Instead of going on the stage and talk about these initiatives, they embodied the three projects: Odiseo as voice, body and mind; Eldorado as image and sound, Insights as words.

Folch Insights featured an interview with OFFF founder Héctor Ayuso; a conversation where they didn’t ask him a single question about the festival. The newspaper was distributed within the framework of OFFF as a part of their conference and the interview is only available to 5,000 readers online.

Read more on their talk here