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Joshua Davis
Stefan Sagmeister
John Maeda
Neville Brody
Kyle Cooper
The Mill
Digital Kitchen
Ben Fry & Casey Reas
Golan Levin
Casey Neistat
Ash Throp
Rob Chiu
Matt Lambert
Aardman Animations
Vallée Duchamel
Paula Scher
Rick Poynor
Lance Wyman
Vaughan Oliver
Erik Spiekermann
Imaginary Forces

Behind Offf

  • Héctor Ayuso

    Founder / Director / Curator

    “You are what you make.”

    Héctor makes things. Fun things. Beautiful things. Things that make your heart race, and your mind whir. And he helps others make things.

    Héctor has been working in the creative industries for over 20 years. Artist, filmmaker, creative director, storyteller, seeker, curator ... why put a label on it? He thinks, and he makes. Whatever the details, all Hector’s work is about creating unique experiences. Héctor’s biggest luxury: having the time to swim, bike and run all together.

  • Pep Salazar

    Executive Director

    “A leader can manage without getting off limits but can also cut through to push and explore”.

    Pep is a cultural leader and teacher with a long history in the world of digital culture. In his professional development, he worked for more than 20 years in several festivals and cultural institutions.

    He has been teaching for more than a decade, where he coordinates several postgraduate programs and the Master in Business management along with cultural platforms. He has a great taste in music, in fact there’s always a chance you bump into him at a Jazz Festival.

  • Nathalie Koutia

    Communications Director

    “We work better as a community.”

    Nathalie is the communications director and social media manager at OFFF Festival. She directs the Festival’s visual communication and is one of the leading voices of the Festival in Barcelona and the OFFF on Tour editions.

    She is the project manager and managing editor of OFFF’s publications. Her endless desire to discover the world and her curiosity to explore cultures reflect the importance of interaction and communication in her career. She also has an obnoxious laugh.



    OFFF Brand & Identity / Website
  • Judit Farré

  • Ubud Producciones

    Technical Direction